The Don't Waste It story

What started it, what's in it, who and why?

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Many of us go through or know someone experiencing some form of mental or physical health issue today that can ultimately have an impact on overall wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Is this because our lives today have become more complicated? Or perhaps it's just that we are making them so?

I am a Type 1 Diabetic who has been self-delivering four insulin needles daily for the last 10 years in order to maintain and achieve optimal health. By living with this chronic disease I have developed an acute understanding of the self-discipline required to monitor my physical health and perhaps more importantly, understanding the significance of maintaining and managing mental health in order to achieve this.

Going through the ups and downs of life I have always seen this disease as my bitter sweet. Where rather than dwelling on the negatives, it has encouraged me to use this adversity as an advantage and focus on the positives.

I’ve often wondered how and why I have been able to do this? Is it that we are wired with the ability to do this...

When we are faced with any unforeseen adversity we are typically confronted with with some harsh realities, then our survival instinct and self preserving nature enables us to adapt and positively change our way of thinking in order to change the way we act.

I thought surely there is a way to apply similar ideology to benefit and improve people just like me, in many other aspects of their lives, from physical and mental health challenges too improving general wellbeing. But more importantly to help people NOW and encourage some positive changes rather than an individual requiring to overcome a life changing adversity first!

Because in our busy everyday lives we seem be loosing the importance and value of our time, simply taking it for granted. Why is it that we wait until our time has passed us by before we are aware of it? Why not be aware NOW and appreciate it to get the most out of our time?

For myself working as a Project Manager for property developments, I would look at every aspects of the project in detail, manage all elements, ensuring the property is delivered as planned, on time and within budget. I have been thinking how is it that we manage everything like this around us and more and we don’t apply the same attention to something as important as our own life!

So collectively for the basis of this concept I wanted to focus on the most important and meaningful asset we all have, the depreciating asset of our time. Thereby identifying your potential expiry date (or even just assuming your desired one) presented in a capacity that is personally relatable, we can use this information as your raw motivation and a very powerful life stimulus.

Ultimately, if your waiting for the right time to do something in life, use your Don't Waste It app to physically see that your time is not waiting around for you!

Create Lifespirations!

The other element of the application is that now you are thinking about your life from this raw perspective, you should set your goals or desires to keep motivated and focused towards achieving them. You can do this by creating your personal Lifespirations, these are similar to vision boards where you are using any meaningful memories and images and quotes to keep you positive and grateful of what you have, or keep yourself focused towards your passions, dreams and any of your desires. Use your Lifespirations daily or at anytime you feel you need them!

You can also add your favourite and music to each Lifespiration to enhance the experience. Set notifications for each one, for example when you wake up, before you work out, while on a lunch break to keep you going or perhaps be inspired before you go to bed each night with the visions of what you are working towards...get creative with it!

Who is this for ?

  • This is for the person who is hungry, looking for more out of life!
  • The person who is looking to reclaim who they really are.
  • For the person who has no certainty, be certain of one thing, who you want to be.
  • The person who wants to get emotionally and physically fit for life's challenges.
  • Everyone needs a compelling future; everyone needs something to move towards, if you don’t have something to move towards you will settle for where things are!
  • Everyday you should work harder on yourself more than anything else, because when you become more intelligent, more valuable more skilled you will add more value to other people.

Some, what or why reasons to use this?

  • What has prevented you from crushing it?
  • What has prevented you from living your dream?
  • What belief, behaviour or emotional habit has prevented you or got in your way?
  • Whats been the conflict inside you?
  • Whats prevented you from having the life you deserve?
  • What low standard have you tolerated?
  • Why do you feel so unfulfilled today?
  • We are meant to grow so we have something to give, but before you can do this you must take control of whatever is holding you back!
  • What do you need to deal with in order for you to move forward, and make sure that you Don't Waste It?